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A collection of reviews of Fr Ted Kennedy's book Who is Worthy?
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Ted Kennedy (Preface by Prof Tony Coady), Sydney: Pluto Press, 2000, pb, 152pp, ISBN: 1864030879.

A radical call for major and profound change in the Australian Catholic Church, as well as a direct challenge to the conservatism epitomised by the Archdiocese of Sydney Cardinal George Pell.

Father Ted Kennedy describes himself as “a sample of that endangered species – an Australian Catholic priest”. He is that, but he is more and even rarer. For what speaks to the reader in this book is the authentic, singular voice of prophecy, a voice seldom heard in the Australian Church. - Professor Tony Coady

Detailed Description
An insightful and provocative book that challenges the new conservatism in the Australian Catholic Church epitomised by Cardinal George Pell was released in April 2000

Father Kennedy speaks as a pastor of 40 years experience including 30 years as the parish priest of Redfern. He is angry about what he sees as a dangerous return to the closed mentality which he experienced in his youth.

Father Kennedy examines how the Church in Australia has corrupted the basic teachings of Christ and has become a church of exclusion rather than inclusion. He is concerned about two groups - each marginalised, each oppressed by the church - gay people and Indigenous Australians.

Father Kennedy’s plea is for a radical reformation which would return the Church to the original message of the gospels.

Source: http://www.unireps.com.au/isbn/1864030879.htm

A collection of reviews follows.

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Radio National - The Religion Report by Stephen Crittenden
- 24/05/2000
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Outlook Book Reviews by Joseph Castley
- 1/05/2000
WHO IS WORTHY? Ted Kennedy (Preface by Prof Tony Coady), Sydney: Pluto Press, 2000, pb, 152pp, ISBN: 1864030879, $24.95 (Available at a discount if ordered through Pluto Press: http://media.socialchange.net.au/pluto/). Reviewed by Joseph CASTLEY Thos ... ... [more]  
Australia: Confessions of a dying priest. Our savage moment of truth by Consolidation for Social Awareness and Responsibility
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