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crucified on every city sidewalk
the aboriginal Christ should be free
in his own church
among his own people
in Redfern.




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Morsels- 21/12

- Our Neocats display their Christmas spirit

Neocrits- 20/12

- Another critic misses the point

- The Charitable Works Fund has re-instated its contribution to Sharing the Meal

- Why?

- Information handout to Kelmscott parishioners following Bishop Sproxton's disappointing visit..

Morsels- 29/11

- Listening skills

- Interesting reading.

- I have a dream that our Bishops would become gripped with the fact of poverty and oppression which exists among the Aboriginal people, that they would see as their prime pastoral role the leading of all the faithful into the spirit of Poverty .

New article- 29/11

- Danny Gilbert's address on the occasion of the UNSW Faculty of Law 2004 valedictory dinner.

- More letters voicing disgust at the treatment of the St Vincent's community.

In the media - 11/11

- John Hill's response to being labelled a newcomer to the parish

In the media - 10/11

- Multi-faith services and meals for the poor have gone from Redfern's Catholic Church, writes Linda Morris in the Sydney Morning Herald.
- AN OPEN LETTER from John Hill, 1 Nov in Online Catholics

Neocriticism - 10/11

- Fan mail from the Neocats and their supporters is now being collected on a page of its own.

Letters - 10/11
Several letters have been added to the collection:
Correspondence with Bishops' Committee for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
Sr Judith Ford's correspondence with the CWF
Correspondence with the Vicar General/Chancellor of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney
Letter to the Cardinal
Neocat jokes - 10/11

- Is there something about Neocats that we can laugh about after all?

- Informed criticism?
Message from a Neocat in NJ to the people of Kelmscott

- Support from the National Council of Priests in Australia.

- Article from Online Catholics.

- Letter to the Perth bishops after Aux Bishop Sproxton's visit to the parish last Tuesday.

- Prindiville and Sudla doggedly refuse to allow the Community to hold another Interfaith Service.

- Social Justice Sunday at St Vincent's

- Pryor cartoon from The Canberra Times, Thursday Aug 26 2004.

- The Good Shepherd Parish - From a nice homely parish we now have division, disharmony and discontent.

Church Mouse included in PANDORA national archive- 30/8

- The State Library of NSW will provide public online access to the website in perpetuity - see above.

- The word according to Gerry

- Good on you, Fr John Crothers
- No Comment needed

- Sunday Mass, 20 August

A couple of minor additions- 17/8

Mum Shirl and St Martin de Porres - Perhaps St Martin, with Mum Shirl's help, is still guiding church mice today.
Fr Gerry re CWF - I cannot understand the hostile reaction every time I make an appeal for the Charitable Works Fund.

Pell's conservatism adds fuel to the fire of Catholic disharmony
Australian Catholics are at odds over how to practise their faith in the modern world, writes Paul Collins.

Poor Church - 30/7

More email

ABC radio programs - 30/7

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has aired two programs dealing with issues at St. Vincent's during the past few days. Transcripts are now on this website.
Encounter's Poor Church
The Religion Report

Many enquiries have been received about making donations to help keep this important service going. Details may be found here.

Poor Church - 28/7

Two articles from today's edition of Online Catholics:
CWF uncharitable toward Aboriginal People
No positive spin from Pell on wicked Redfern

Poor Church - 26/7

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio National Encounter program visits St Vincent's Redfern

A commentary on current events at St Vincent's along with correspondence from visitors and community members

Links page updated

A view of the St Vincent's community 15 years ago - the conclusions from a research project towards a graduate diploma in theology with the United Theological Institute undertaken back in 1989, Douglas D. Akehurst c.m.

A collection of articles on the disturbing nature of The Way

A new index page for the growing collection of letters
A response to the Parish Priest- 21 June
The Parish Priest's response - 20 June
Open letter to the Parish Priest - 10 June

Redfern pleas for intervention
A plea for intervention by Cardinal Pell in the increasingly fraught situation in the Aboriginal parish of St Vincent's, Redfern, was apparently withheld from him for two months - online catholics.
Read the Story

Neocatechumenate testimonial from the Good Shepherd Parish in Kelmscott Perth Western Australia

Although a very different style of parish to that of St Vincent's, the Good Shepherd folk too have had their community turned upside down by the Neocats. Two of the priests involved - Dennis Sudla and the recently ordained Clesio - are or have been involved with both Kelmscott and Redfern.

Never before have we been so deceived and affected as we are since the Neocats arrived secretly and as they say “Little by Little” are trying to convert the parish to their way. From a nice homely parish we now have division, disharmony and discontent.


Call for Neocatechumenate testimonials

The Church Mouse is compiling a dossier on the activities and impact of the Neocatechumenate movement on ordinary Catholics, in particular (but not exclusively) within Australia.

If you have an experience that you would like to share with others affected by this sect, please email the Church Mouse.


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