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Neocat material  Top
Some links to material on the Neocats
The Neocatechumenal Way - Background 94 
by Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney - George Pell's line.
The Neocatechumenate Movement 87 
a brief summary of the Way and its history.
What is the Neocatechumenal Way 105 
with an introduction by Kiko and Carmen.
Neocat material / Con  Top
In the interests of providing a balanced view Church Mouse suggests the following links to material from people who have, in the main, had difficulties with the Way. They are presented in no particular order.
Catholics or heretics? Movement or sect? 75 
An Italian website with several older articles - in English:
  • The Neocatechumenals - who they are - what their "creed" is - what we should think of them (Enrico Zoffoli - Reverend Passionist Priest)
  • Catholic sect accused of brainwashing   (The Sunday Times - 23 April 1995)
  • The Neocatechumenate (Notes trascribed in videotape of a debate on the Neocatechumenate held in Rome on April 20, 1997)
  • The psychological mechanism of mental conditioning inside the Neocatechumenate community
  • The Neocatechumenal  movement: a  volcano  of  errors (Extract from MedjugoriE 102, November 1995, Milan - Italy)
CULT FICTION - The Protestant cuckoo in the Catholic nest - or what you see is most definitely not what you ge 71 
The author points to some failures of orthodoxy of the Way but would probably also consider St Vincent's to be heretical. The site itself is "dedicated to undoing the damage done by the non-dogmatic Catholicism, horizontal in mentality and concerned chiefly to participate with others in the building of the human city which, in the last thirty years in the countries of the North Atlantic civilization, has proved such an unmitigated disaster for the Church." One suspects the author might consider Cardinal Pell to be a wishy-washy liberal modernist. - Thanks, Justin W. for your comments
Neo-catechumenate Review pages, prepared by PASCH - Parishioners Against a Secret Church 76 
a group from the Diocese of Clifton, England
Neocat mental conditioning 124 
The psychological mechanisms of mental conditioning inside the Neocatechumenate community
The Last Trojan Horse? 75 
Christian Order - October 2002
The Liturgy of the Neo-Catechumenal Way 76 
Christian Order - November 1997
Neocat material / Pro  Top
Church Mouse has found that most of the sites offering support to the Way have very little to say, or simply regurgitate a superficial party line. The following sites offer most of what you will find out there.
NCW_OZ - Neo-catechumenal way - AUSTRALIA 74 
A good example of a very bad website
Neocatechumenal Way - Official Site 82 
The Neocatechumenal Way 72 
Sites with links to the Mouse  Top
Catholica 112 
A vigorous discussion on Catholic spirituality, theology and faith for adults seeking to enrich their lives ...
Save Your Parish 143 
A new site established by concerned members of the parish of St James in Denver, Colorado.
Results: 1 - 14 of 14

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