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( Neocatechumenate priests have been installed at St Vincent's Redfern )
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Kiko Arguello and Carmen Hernandez, perpetrators of the Neocatechumenal Way,
in the company of gullible others [original image found here]

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Neocat violation - open letter to Prindiville

Neocat assault

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Is the Neo-Catechumenate Way Compatible with Religious Life? by Gerald A. Arbuckle, sm

Updated (2004) version of an article first published in Religious Life Review, Ireland, Jan-Feb 1994 by a former assistant-general of the Marist Fathers.

... a religious congregation, if it is to be true to the charism of religious life, must not become a sect, nor can it support sect-like activities in other groups. Neither can a congregation be acting authentically if it is not committed to the faith/justice mission of Christ. Inculturation is integral to that mission. The Neo-Catechumenate in practice does not accept this apostolic vision and openness ... congregational leaders ... cannot allow their religious to be uncritically involved in the Way movement ... [more]

Open Letter to the local Neocatechumenate communities at St. Nicholas of Tolentino, Bristol, England by Karen Anderson

The message that I heard taught through the Neocatechumenate ...
1. Self doubt was encouraged.
2. Lack of self worth was promoted.
3. We were taught to feel insecure about our faith commitment.
12. We are wretched sinners. Christ died for us and we are forgiven. We must try to do what God wants - but of course really we can't anyway because we're sinful. ... [more]  


NEOCATECHUMENATE COMMUNITY - Archdiocese of Melbourne - Report of activity in one parish by Paul Cooney, sm

The Neocatechumenate was invited into the parish in 1977. At its peak there were five communities with about 100 adult members. Eventually in 1990 after two and a half years of prolonged discussions and attempted dialogue, the Parish Priest of the time withdrew permission from the four itinerant catechists of the Neocatechumenate from Italy to conduct activities in the parish or with groups from the parish ... [more]  


NEOCATECHUMEN INFILTRATION - Testimonial from members of the Good Shepherd Parish in Kelmscott Perth Western Australia

Never before have we been so deceived and affected as we are since the Neocats arrived secretly and as they say “Little by Little” are trying to convert the parish to their way. From a nice homely parish we now have DIVISION, DISHARMONY and DISCONTENT.
The parish priest (Fr Melvin) and Clesio (who has swapped places with Fr Dennis) refuse to discuss anything with us. We have seen the Bishop who is coming to meet with the parishioners (hopefully shortly) ... [more]  


MIRRABOOKA PARISH - The Neocats' Australian "jewel in the crown" in Perth Western Australia

St Gerard's Mirrabooka - Our parish is divided and has been for some time ... [more]  


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Call for Neocatechumenate testimonials

The Church Mouse is compiling a dossier on the activities and impact of the Neocatechumenate movement on ordinary Catholics, in particular (but not exclusively) within Australia.

If you have an experience that you would like to share with others affected by this sect, please email the Church Mouse.



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