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  Church Mouse

Adeste Fideles - Christmas 2004

The Church Mouse issues a call to come back to Redfern.

Correspondence with Bishops' Committee for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders - 14 March 2004 / 11 October 2004

Letter to the Bishops' Committee from the St Vincent's Community, and the speedy response 7 months later.

... it would seem most opportune for the Bishops to advance similar Guidelines for Priests in Ministry with Indigenous peoples, especially given the current new situation where many Priests are beginning to arrive from overseas' countries to work, sometimes for long periods, in Australia.. [more]

Sr Judith Ford's correspondence with the CWF - 2 August 2004

Sr Judith wrote to the Charitable Works Fund in response to their withdrawal of support from the Sharing of the Meal. The Financial Controller, Michael Moore, replied.

A Response to the Parish Priest - 21 June 2004

Open reply to Fr Gerry from Sr Sheila Quonoey.

I felt the need to respond both, as a member of the Community of St Vincent’s Church, Redfern and, also as a Religious sister who has worked for the church for many years as a teacher and in Social Justice. ... I feel that in some of your comments you do not really understand the stance to be with the “made poor” wherever that may be. You talk of the ‘desirability of an austere church’. [more]

The Parish Priest's Response - 20 June 2004

Reply to Open Letter published by Fr Gerry in "The Saving Word".

I, personally, and many others to whom I have spoken find the church, as it is, very depressing. ... The so called "Community" is not the parish and if it wishes to continue to be part of St Vincent's parish it must co-operate with me and Fr. Dennis and others of the parish. [more]

Open Letter to the Parish Priest - Thursday, 10 June 2004

Letter from the community to Fr. Gerry Prindiville, re St Vincent's Church Buildings and Furnishings

Correspondence with the Vicar General/Chancellor of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney - April/May 2004

Correspondence between Monsignor Brian Rayner and the St Vincent's Community following the meeting after his impromptu attendance at Mass on Sunday 18 April 2004.

Letter to the Cardinal - Monday 12 April 2004

Letter from Clare Maguire to George Pell re difficulties at Redfern: refusal of Holy Communion, and unprofessional behaviour of Neocat priests Gerry and Dennis. George Card.'s sympathetic response

Email to the Parish Priest and his assistant- Friday 9 April 2004

Letter from Br Michael Gravener to Frs Gerry and Dennis re locking away the Blessed Sacrament.

Letter to the Cardinal - Wednesday 7 April 2004

Letter from Br Michael Gravener to George Pell re problems with the Neocat priests Gerry and Dennis.

Letter to the Parish Priest - Tuesday 6 April 2004

Letter from Clare Maguire to Fr Gerry re inappropriate behaviour.



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