Father Ted Kennedy
St Vincent's Redfern 1971 - 2002
A compilation of reflections by Community members presented to Ted Kennedy on his retirement as parish priest of the St Vincent's Catholic Church in the inner Sydney suburb of Redfern.
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Fr Ted Kennedy

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  Church Mouse
… AND A DEDICATION … by John Maguire
Many years ago I spent a little time in Thailand. I had gone there to try to enter, at least in some small way, into the extraordinary inner peace and serenity which, years earlier, I had experienced when, for the first time, I had entered a Buddhist ... ... [more]  
untitled by Judith Salmon
One of the qualities I most appreciate in Ted is his vigorous disrespect for false authority. He approaches the Word of God expecting good news and he finds it. He interprets the teachings of Jesus unfettered by institutional viewpoints and lifts the ... ... [more]  
MEMORIES OF REDFERN by Karen Donaldson
Karen Donaldson The death of an Aboriginal man, Ocky, at the back of the Church. Ocky's Camp: the dim back corner of the Church. A little row of medicine bottles for his chest complaint, a little carrier bag, a few papers, the plate of his last ... ... [more]  
untitled by Kate Gavan
We finally arrived at Redfern after having heard of Ted and his work from various members of the clergy and a variety of people over thirty years. Each time we would say that we must go to Mass at Redfern something got in our way. I will never forge ... ... [more]  
untitled by Kathleen Gilbert
Like many non-indigenous Australians, I had never known any Aboriginal people before I started coming to Redfern. So this is probably the most significant change that Redfern has made to my life. Ted and the St Vincent’s community gave me the opportu ... ... [more]  
Ted, by Kevin Hunt
Your friendship support and love have been a backbone for me and I feel so privileged to know you. Thank you for all your help over the years, in listening and supporting me. I have always treasured your description of God as “a constantly creating ... ... [more]  
As I was gathering my thoughts to compose an introduction to my reflection on Fr Ted and St Vincent's Redfern, two things struck me in regard to the simple title of this piece that I had just written. 1. "Fr Ted Kennedy" - How often do we mentio ... ... [more]  
untitled by Louise Salmon
Ted has shown me by example that a truly Christian life is a subversive one, in which many sacrifices should be made. He has taught me new ways to think about issues ranging from the treatment of indigenous and disadvantaged Australians, to the moral ... ... [more]  
My Dear Ted, by Madge O'Brien (Kearney)
When I think back to the first time I met you in Kettering I was a bit scared of you being a Priest. My experience in my late teens was not very positive regarding the Church. But your love, insight and encouragement changed all of that. You helped m ... ... [more]  
I have been connected to St Vincent's Redfern since the late 70's. It was through St Vincent's that I have become friends with many Aboriginal people over the years including “Mum Shirl' It was at St Vincent's that my marriage to Peter Griffin was ... ... [more]  
untitled by Marcela, Stephen Samuel and Emma Garrett
Ted, You not only preached the Gospel, you live it. You hold a special place in our hearts for your contributions to making Samuel's and then Emma's baptisms the significant events that they were. We hope that other priests will follow your exampl ... ... [more]  
Dear Ted, by Margaret Hetherton
We need prophets and you have been a true one. In your life and thought you have been a guide to the signs of goodness and truth which herald the Kingdom - and to institutional blind paths that make a sham of that hope. Thank you Ted for living such ... ... [more]  
Dear Ted by Maria Manning
If I hadn't met you I would never have seen, driving late at night in the Araluen Valley, the surprising sight of a man standing beside the road draped in a grey blanket with a gorilla mask on his head. Nor would whoever was in the other car, the one ... ... [more]  
To me, Redfern is a place where the Church is truly alive. As you walk in, there is a feeling of the church belonging to all the people who go there; and as you attend the Eucharist, there is a feeling of involvement in the local church and in all t ... ... [more]  
untitled by Marianne Dacy (NDS)
My first sighting of Fr Ted Kennedy, Parish administrator of St Vincent’s Redfern must have been in the early eighties when Lenore Sharry (NDS) (who died of cancer in January 1995) took me to Redfern on Saturday evening on the train for a 6.0 p.m. Ma ... ... [more]  
I have an image of an arc floating on a vast sea with sails set to the horizon. There are people on board from diverse cultures and backgrounds, rescued from a sunken vessel. This image slowly emerged during my 10 years as a parishioner of St Vincent ... ... [more]  
30 YEARS AT REDFERN by Marnie Kennedy RSCJ
My first memory of St Vincent's, Redfern, is etched indelibly on my mind and goes back to 1971. It coincided with my release from enclosure as a Religious of the Sacred Heart in the wake of the reforms of Vatican II. I made an early visit to Redfern ... ... [more]  
untitled by Mary Cawood
I first met you at university, but as a part time student in those years I had little connection with you. Later when you moved to Neutral Bay you suggested the “Camperdown Choir”, then without a home, might like to come to the parish without a choir ... ... [more]  
The Legacy of Fr Ted Kennedy by Mary McGowan
Image ... [more]  
untitled by Mary Shanahan
Ted has been a wonderful model of a priest who came to serve and not to be served. His commitment to the poor of the land has been inspirational. I have appreciated being part of the community at Redfern. It is a wonderful example of priest and peopl ... ... [more]  


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