Father Ted Kennedy
St Vincent's Redfern 1971 - 2002
A compilation of reflections by Community members presented to Ted Kennedy on his retirement as parish priest of the St Vincent's Catholic Church in the inner Sydney suburb of Redfern.
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Fr Ted Kennedy

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Dear Ted

We would like to recognise the generous and long-lasting contribution that you have made through your time, talents, and resources not only to the Church but especially to the Aboriginal community. Your presence in Redfern is evidenced in

·       the mutual relationship you nurtured with the Aboriginal People of Redfern symbolised in your deep relationship with Mum Shirl;

·       recognition throughout the Archdiocese of your uncompromising stance for Aboriginal People;

·       your generous compassion towards people on the margins who are always welcomed in the Church at Redfern – so often we have heard from so many Aboriginal people things like "Father Ted understands";

·       the wider community’s depth of respect for your wholehearted efforts in developing a relationship between the Church and Aboriginal People in Australia;

·       your deep understanding of the historical relationship between the Church and Aboriginal People

·       the stance you took for Aboriginal Rights long before it was politically correct, and which you have sustained up until the present.

Ted, we congratulate you for your many years of committed dedication to the Church and Aboriginal People and wish you well in your retirement.

by Sydney Archdiocese Reconciliation, Renewing Relationships Committee


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