Standing in solidarity

Many thanks to these good people from Toukley on the New South Wales Central Coast. Not only are they upset by the injustices heaped upon the St Vincent’s community, they are standing up and loudly saying so. The following correspondence is reproduced with permission.

From: Peter Meury
Sent: Tuesday, 29 August 2006 10:48 PM
Subject: Your struggle

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Catholic Community of Redern,

Following the recent and less recent events in your Parish, we have today mailed a letter to Cardinal Pell with copies to our local Bishop, our Parish Priest and yourselves as per attachment. We would like to assure you, that we stand in solidarity with you in your struggle for justice and the Peace of our Lord. We sincerely hope, that your goodwill evident from your recent expressions in “Church-Mouse” will soon bear fruit.

Prayerfully Yours

On behalf of Small Church Community Toukley
Peter Meury and Maureen Flanagan

Small Church Community Toukley

Postal address c/o. PO Box 278, BUDGEWOI NSW 2262

28th August 2006

His Eminence
George Cardinal Pell
Polding House
133 Liverpool Street

Dear Cardinal Pell,

Social Justice in our Church/The Redern situation

Our small Church Community Group meets every two weeks to study and reflect on the Sunday gospels, to pray, to meditate, and to discuss topical issues of today, especially Social Justice Matters.

We have been greatly concerned about recent articles in The Weekend Australian (5th August 2006) and SMH (31st. July) in regard to the situation of St. Vincent’s Parish in Redfern. The statements attributed to you, the inability of the Church authorities to resolve this terrible situation since the departure of Father Ted Kennedy, and the actions of the present Parish Clergy as described in the newspaper articles are surely not in accordance with Gospel values. Where is the compassion of Christ? How is social work not part of the Christian ethic? What about the spirit of reconciliation?

Do these people need religion or do they simply need an understanding pastor? You are quoted to have said, that you will go to Redfern and sort out the problem. Why has this not happened so far? It appears that Father Gerry Prindiville is unable to solve difficult issues. The local Deacon seems to be of the same opinion.

Even the Ecclesiastical Regional Tribunal for NSW is now involved in what appears a genuine complaint of defamation (SMH of 25th August).

We stand in solidarity with the struggling people of Redfern and implore you to end these injustices without further delay.

Prayerfully Yours

On behalf of Small Church Community Toukley

(Maureen Flanagan) (Peter Meury)

Copy to Bishop David Walker, Father Peter d’Souza, Toukley

Redfern Catholic Community

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5 Responses to Standing in solidarity

  1. Daniel says:

    Please Dear Cardinal…can you also spare some time to look into the damage these people have caused in the Kelmscott and Mirrabooka Parishes in Western Australia….see (hear) their plight in associated comments on the Church Mouse website…which have been posted for quite some time.

    Where is the Independent arbiter within the Catholic Church…or is it that the hierarchy are above evryone and evrything…so go whistle Dixie???

    The afore mentioned Parishes are now Divided and in Dis-harmony. When Parishioners tried writing to the local Catholic Paper ( Record )these letters were ignored…Is this Catholicism???

    Why not some good old fashioned OPEN debate on these people….if they have nothing to hide. Why do they not allow or answer questions??

    Can the good Cardinal and the hierarchy in Perth put their cards on the table for all to see???

    It is ever so difficult to be given a fair hearing as the average Catholic will always assume that the Clergy are right and the followeres must be wrong…or even seen as Troublemakers.

    Even the Clergy who do not agree with this ‘WAY’ remain silent… they have something to fear or is it simply mis-guided Loyalty?

    Thank God for the people at Redfern who have the guts,determination and persistence to take on this David and Goliath saga.


  2. Daniel says:

    Hi arty….at first I thought I would simply ignore your innocent comment.I thought you were one of those comedians from one of those Late Shows.Then I thought…how do I ever explain to you and others like you of the sad and disturbing situation that these Parishes find themselves in since these people infiltrated…May I suggest you take the time to read about all this on the Church Mouise website.

    As for referring to Bishops Hickey and Sproxton…this is where I thought you were a comedian.

    As for the evidence in Kelmscott and Mirrabooka….LOOK…READ and speak with those AFFECTED.

    These people don’t even tell you what they are about…but LITTLE BY LITTLE ( Their battle cry…do their best to con the parishioners. The bottom line being…DIVISION nad DISHARMONY.

    Have you read Pope Benedict’s edict to them to STOP Communion the way these people conduct the same? READ my dear Arty….Read..find out and be OBJECTIVE.

    God Bless You.

  3. Church Mouse says:

    Next time you’re in the area, arty, come to St Vincent’s and you might just see for yourself.

    Incidentally, faith might be connected with obedience to God – whatever that means, but it doesn’t have anything to do with obeying the clergy.

  4. Daniel says:

    Greetings Arty…it’s me again…Danny Boy…Just thought I’d share the following with you.

    Enjoy !!

    11 February 2005-08-08

    Most Rev. Archbishop Barry Hickey
    St Mary’s Cathedral
    17 Victoria Avenue
    Perth WA 6000


    We, the undersigned parishioners of St Gerard Majella Parish comprising Westminster, Balga, and Dianella West wish to petition you on behalf of members of our Parish.

    For the last few years we have been very unhappy with certain situations in the Parish. It was one of the largest and most vibrant Parishes in the Archdiocese and attendances at weekend Mass were above average. We also had a good daily attendance at Mass from Monday to Saturday morning.

    Now, our Parish numbers have dwindled considerably and even on weekends the services are nowhere near supported as in previous years, because we have lost a lot of good parishioners to other areas.


    The division between original Parishioners and the Neo-Catechumenate Communities who have evolved within our Parish is obvious. We are tired of hearing “CONFESSIONS” from the (Neo-Catechumenate) Priests each time they give a Homily during the celebration of Mass and are continually reminded that we are sinners. We know of our sinfulness but also know of God’s unconditional love for us, otherwise we would not continue wanting to receive the Grace of God at Mass. Even when a new Community is being established we are subjected to listening to members of this Community parading their sins before us and finds this embarrassing and insulting.

    The majority of Parishioners are NOT in the already established Neo-catechumenate communities, which are comprised of people from other suburbs in the Archdiocese. We have nothing against the Neo-catechumenate people as individuals, but rather the concept of the Neo-catechumenate Way. What we object to is being forced to listen to Neo-catechumenate priests preach the format of the Neo-catechumenate way whilst at Mass, when we are under the banner of your Perth Archdiocese. It would seem that Archdiocesan Parish Priests no longer wish to serve in the Parish of St Gerard Majella.

    The parishioners are also upset that our appointed priest, Fr Gerard Beeson, was in our Parish for a period of only 18-20 month. He was much loved by the people, and he gave excellent Homilies, which touched our inner-being and related well to our Catholic ethos.

    Then without warning, whilst on extended holidays, the Parish was finally informed that Fr Gerard would not be returning to our Parish. No reasons were given for this, and with little explanation. This caused much ill feeling and disappointment among us, at not being able to say farewell to Fr Gerard in the usual manner and we ask ourselves “WHY WAS IT DONE THIS WAY?”


    The majority of the Neo-catechumenate communities are not from our Parish. May be if they desire, they could purchase their own block of land and build a church for their communities and have their Priests with them.

    We would like to have a meeting with you, at your earliest convenience, before announcing the appointment of a Parish Priest, to discuss in an open manner the problems as we see them. Air our views, and take advice from you. We hope we are not too late in putting forward our request.

    We await your reply and meeting date.

    Yours in Christ

    The undersigned Parishioners of St Gerard Majella

    The Record – Perth’s weekly Catholic newspaper – has been running a Neocat promotion with full blown articles and pictures. Dismayed and angered by the questionable representation of the Way, some of the Mirrabooka parishioners wrote the following letter to The Record’s editor.

    Here is part of an email message from Mirrabooka:

    For reasons best known to themselves, the Record has not seen fit to publish the E-mail I sent them some weeks ago. Why am I not surprised? Later I learned that J…, a member of their editorial staff, is a staunch neo-cat in this area, so I guess that explains that.
    Still its a blessed relief to celebrate Mass in a neighbouring parish among friends who have preceded us from St. Gerards.

    The Editor
    The Record

    Dear Sir,

    The sad fate of St. Patricks Bunbury was a natural disaster caused by the ravages of time and weather. The slow painful destruction of St.Gerards Mirrabooka, which began over ten years ago, is a man-made disaster, with the uninvited arrival of the neo-catechumenate movement and their elitist, secretive and divisive attitude of “Join the movement or be damned.” I have always believed I was born into the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church – now, I wonder. This unwanted group of zealots has driven a wedge between their clique and foundation members of the Parish, which is widening every week. As a result, each Sunday there are more and more ‘new refugee faces’ at a neighboring church celebrating Mass in a loving caring faith gathering.

    The fact that some members of the hierarchy extol the activities of this evangelizing movement does not excuse the groups’ unholy and arrogant manner when speaking to the converted, especially women. Let them feel free to exercise their zeal elsewhere and leave us to pray the Rosary in peace and grant us a Parish Priest who can preach the Gospel as Christ intended from His sermon on the mount.

    From the happy pioneering days when the then Fr. Quinn said Sunday Mass in a school classroom, St. Gerards grew into a vibrant multi-cultural Parish. It is now two churches; one, a group of disillusioned elders seeking shelter elsewhere; two, the emerging catechumenate overlay striving to leave its mark in the name of “Mission”. This should not be. Where is the Oneness and holiness in this?

    Hopefully, the Catholics of Bunbury will have a new Cathedral in two years time, to worship as before. Meanwhile, many Mirrabooka Catholics are angered at having their church usurped and being left wandering in a spiritual wilderness.

    Yours in Christ

    Patrick Miller

  5. Daniel says:

    Now Now Arty…you seem to be losing it ( as do most of your ilk ) by getting personal accusing simple me of ‘thik (sic ) your God.’Obviously your way has not resulted in your being Calm, Rational and Loving…even to your enemy. Can you tell us why whenever there is a Recruitment Drive ( to con innocent people into joining your Communities ) that you advertise it as an Adult Cathechesis???
    In the real world this would be False Advertising and subject to Fraud and Deceit under the Trade Practices Act.

    Anyhow…you are welcome to follow your Spanish Guru Kiko and dance around the table etc etc….but why don’t you build your own Halls ( NB..I say Halls and not Churches
    )and leave us poor souls,(not chosen by the Holy Spirit to follow your Way)alone.That way…Parishes like the ones affected can be left to practise their faith the way the Catholic Church all over the world does.

    You have obviously been Brainwashed and good luck to you. Thank God you are not a member of some other fundamental Group or else you might become a suicide bomber..for your mis-guided beliefs. The fact that all this Division and Disharmony exists even to the extent that we have to have this exchange of words is proof itself of what your Way causes.

    You do your thing…that’s your business….but for heaven’s sake let those who do not wish to follow your Way be permitted to follow their faith as prescribed by the Catholic Church.

    You people choose to be different…so be it…that’s why I suggest you build your own structures and sing and chant and kiss each other,kick down Crucifixes, Defame and Assault people,have your Kiko Communions filled with desecration and so on,till the cows come home…the chooks to roost and Bob’s your Uncle.

    Gotta go now Arty…..make sure you take your anger management pills twice daily.


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