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  Church Mouse
Sharing my journey, May 2005 by John Hill

I have been pondering as to what to share. You have stories; you have experiences as rich as or even richer than mine ... [more]  

“And let not your leaven be that of the scribes and pharisees …”, 22 Nov 2003 by John Maguire

The first two parts of "A Letter to the Church in Redfern"

  • Introduction - perspective and context (MS Word document)
  • Part 1 - “the true meaning of the Good News” …a meditation provoked by part of Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians (MS Word document)
  • Several other parts are still to be written.

John has asked that the date 22 Nov 2003 be attached to these documents, as "it provides a pointer to the historical context out of which these pages were born and in light of which they still need to be read and understood".

Why? - new internationalist, August 2004 by Robert M. Young

In the 1920s the term ‘fundamentalism’ was first coined to refer to the Protestant denominations and sects in the US who advocated the return to what they claimed were the ‘fundamentals’ of their faith. They believed that the Bible should be taken literally, that it was dictated by the hand of God, that morality was to be strictly adhered to, and that Darwin’s theory of evolution contradicted Holy Scripture and should never be taught in the schools. They were profoundly conservative and hated pluralism, materialism, relativism and libertinism of all kinds ... [more]  

University of New South Wales Faculty of Law
2004 Valedictory Dinner, 6 November 2004
by Danny Gilbert
As lawyers, you should be concerned that we have not treated and do not treat the indigenous people of this country justly. While the nature and specifics of the demands of justice for indigenous people will always be contestable, let me highlight a few big picture injustices ... [more]  
Redfern, a Prophetic Community by Douglas D. Akehurst c.m.
A view of the St Vincent's community 15 years ago - the conclusions from a research project towards a graduate diploma in theology with the United Theological Institute undertaken back in 1989 ... [more]  
Response to Mgr Brian Raynor's visit to Redfern by John Hill
Ted Kennedy ... has been betrayed by a clergy who have been imposed on the community. Those clergy in turn have made no effort to understand what enculturation is about and what are the genuine needs of a people ... [more]  
The Challenge of Redfern - written for SWAG by Peter Maher
The challenge of Redfern would fill a book. The historical situation is that Fr Ted Kennedy sided with the Redfern Aborigines around Mum Shirl and became a close collaborator in her work. His genius was to privilege the excluded in such a way that th ... ... [more]  
light years by Jim Considine
ah St Mary's! arching to-the heavens built from the meagre pennies of migrants where mitre rules amidst candles, incense and the ushered solemnly devour the divine while on park benches outside, in the sub-ways Jesus sleeps, uncovered, unloved ... ... [more]  
sign of the cross by Jim Considine
crossing rail lines at Redfern past run down tenements scoured by broken glass, beer cans, graffiti shades of Derry , beautiful but scarred sensing a rare spirit around St Vincents with Ted's seeds of hope sprouting compassion, generosity , jus ... ... [more]  
Riots in my mind by Deborah Ruiz Wall
Wherefore art thou, the Catholic Church in Redfern if you ignore the presence of 'the other'? "Love one another as I have loved you" --- the practice of Jesus. If the 'Catholic Church' in Redfern ignores the lives of the people in 'the Block' in Redf ... ... [more]  
A Prayerful Story by Deborah Ruiz Wall
Once upon a time, there was a priest whom the people loved. In his church, he found no need to stand on a platform. He didn’t need to put on clerical vestments to command respect. But he got old and sick and regretfully, he had to leave. He was ... ... [more]  
Polarised Eucharist at St Vincent’s Church Redfern by Deborah Ruiz Wall
What the Sacrament of the Eucharist really means has become a core issue that needs to be resolved between the community and their parish priest, Fr Gerry Prindiville at St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Redfern. The problem revolves around a di ... ... [more]  


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